21 Savage Confronts Wack 100 For Accusing Him Of Snitching On YSL

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

21 Savage got into an angry confrontation with Wack 100 after he made claims that Savage was a police informant who “snitched” on Young Thug in his ongoing racketeering case.

While on Clubhouse together, Wack 100 got angry at 21 Savage after he said he called him the f word and called 21 a “rat” and said that he snitched on Thug. Young Thug is currently awaiting trial for violating Georgia’s racketeering statute and gun and drug charges in a sweeping indictment.

“There be a lot of shit going on, and I don’t speak on it,” 21 told Wack during the call. “I done seen you go through real-life shit and I don’t speak on it, I don’t make fun of it, I don’t speculate about it. Just give me the same respect, gang!”

When Wack asked what he meant, 21 added, “You calling me a snitch, man! Bruh, you on the internet saying you think I’m an informant, gang. Come on, man!”

Wack 100, known for his controversial comments and ability to stir up drama, manages clients like 6ix9ine, The Game, and Blueface. At the time of his outburst, he appeared to be upset at a woman whom he threatened to come for her life and said he had recordings of her.

Wack explained that the District Attorney in Fulton County, Georgia, had claimed that a prominent rapper was an informant as he questioned how 21 Savage’s immigration case seemed to be working out, although it is well-known that Jay-Z and the Roc Nation legal team had stepped in to help the rapper and stop him from being deported.

“The D.A. in Atlanta said it’s a well-known rapper who’s telling. You get caught and get threatened to get sent out the country ’cause you ain’t a real citizen; we gotta figure out your sh*t,” Wack said.

21 Savage said there was nothing fishy about his immigration case, especially as he has a gun case from 2021 that could incentivize him to cooperate with authorities.

“Man, come on, bruh, what the hell you talking about?!” 21 Savage said. “What the f**k, bruh?! Goddamn, triple OG! I can’t go to court for immigration if I got an open gun case, fool.”

Wack 100 continues to press 21 further. “Did you give up Thug or nah? What’s going on? Thug bought you a brand new truck,” Wack 100 said.

21 Savage declared he was leaving the conversation as Wack 100 wanted to go viral: “Man, you trying to use me for content! I’m gone, man. I’m gone,” before abruptly leaving the session.

“You is content, you rat-ass n****a,” Wack snapped even after Savage left. “You’s a rat, n***a. You told on Thug, n***a. F**k up outta here.”

Wack 100 and 21 Savage aren’t friends. Wack previously threatened to put hands on Savage after he called him ‘lame’ in an Akademiks podcast last year.