Blueface Says Chrisean Rock Slept With Cardi B Husband, Offset Respond

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Blueface drags Offset into his drama with Chrisean Rock, forcing the former Migos rapper to respond.

It seems that Chrisean Rock is done with Blueface for good as she begins the painful process of removing tattoos of his images and name from her body.

On Sunday, Rock revealed that she covered the first tattoo, an extensive image of Blueface on her neck to the décolleté area. The tattoo featured Blueface’s face and hand and his hair going all the way up to her neck. On Saturday night, Rock revealed that she had a team over to cover the tattoo in the night.

Hours later, she debuted what looked like a rose cover-up and the name of her son, Chrisean Jesus Malone Jr., on her chest area.

“Proud of my baby 1 day at a time my love, DJ Sky thank you @lakimii_tatoo for making this happen for us,” she captioned a photo of the tattoo on her neck.

In an earlier video, Chrisean Rock revealed that several people were over at her house, where they set up the table and equipment for the tattoo artists to work.

“Black rose,” the tattoo artist told her about the cover-up. “A black rose I don’t want a black rose. I want you to just out a cross in the n***a face.”

In the meantime, Chrisean has five more tattoos to be removed, some of which cover her pubic area, face, and other body parts. As for Blueface, the rapper popped up to react to the tattoo removal, urging Chrisean to remove them while also making a bombshell accusation that she slept with Cardi B’s husband, Offset, weeks ago.

Offset and Cardi B / @iamcardib

“Being tatted ona h*e is not a flex you literally f***ed Cardi B’s husband couple weeks ago I’m tired of n****s looking at me while they f***ing you get the rest of em gone asap please,” Blueface wrote on X.

Offset also reacted to the tweet, denying that he even knew Rock. “I ain’t never talk or touch that lady. Real talk man you need some help,” Offset said in a separate tweet. However, the “Thotiana” rapper responded with the date and time he claimed the incident went down.

“So you ain’t f*** cardi husband November 10th at 4am at their house in LA…I’m making this up?” the Los Angeles rapper added on X.

Blueface and his mother also popped up to back up his earlier accusation.

“Aye main you n****s an b***s decided to join blues circus when you guys decided to indulge you guys watch the show see how sh*t play out online every time so for you men and female that decide to enter the chat there’s no mercy I ain’t deleting sh*t an everything I said is factual welcome to the circus,” he wrote.

Chrisean Rock also responded to Blueface, writing that she saw he liked gay porn, hence she was removing the tattoos.

“Let’s talk about how I saw Gay porn in your recent search history that’s why I honestly got the cover up bro I had zesty n***a on my neck nothing wrong with being bisexual just let a b***h no before she fall in love weirdo,” Rock said.

Blueface also doubled down on his accusation regarding Offset, writing, “So you ain’t f*** cardi husband November 10th at 4am at their house in LA… I’m making this up?”

Blueface also denied that he was trying to sleep with NLE Choppa’s baby momma.

“Aint nobody tryna crack Choppa Bm tf is that about lol we discussed no words other then I’m Choppa Bm I’ve never met a b***h I couldn’t crack,” he tweeted.


Rock did not outrightly deny sleeping with Offset. “U just crashing out making up sh*t,” she tweeted.

The ongoing drama between Rock and Blueface comes after both she and Jaidyn broke up with him last week after he showed up at Rock’s house at 4 am for sex. Instead, she was with her new boyfriend, K Suave, and Blueface took her baby, knowing she would leave K Sauve to come to him.

Both Chrisean Rock and Jaidyn Alexis claim that Blueface beat both of them up after they joined up against him.

Jaidyn, who was engaged to Blueface, appears to have dumped him. Her friends celebrated her with a “You Dodged a Bullet” cake on Saturday to celebrate her ending the engagement after she found out that Rock and Blueface were still sleeping together even after they were engaged.

As for Blueface, he is claiming that he did a DNA test on the child when he took him, and that test shows that he is not the biological child of Chrisean Jr.