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The content originally appeared on: News Americas Now

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The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has criticised Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre over the cost of fuel and goods while questioning the government’s declaration of putting people first.

“If the Prime Minister really cared, if he really understood, he would reduce the price of fuel and reduce the rate of import duties to ensure that the wholesalers and distributors pass on the reduced costs to you,” Chstanet said in a Facebook statement.

“That is what a caring and understanding United Workers Party would have done,” the former Prime Minister stated.

According to Chastanet, Pierre fails to understand that Saint Lucia is an export-led country.

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And he noted that the Saint Lucia Prime Minister had allowed all the increases in the prices of goods to be passed on to the productive sector and all households, including the low-income ones.

In addition, Chastanet pointed out that LUCELEC, which has a guaranteed profit, is passing on increased costs to consumers.

“All of us have to pay higher electricity bills to ensure that LUCELEC makes its profit in spite of the current economic crisis facing our country. I ask you. How is that putting you first?” The Micoud South MP stated.

In this regard, Chstanet observed that the high cost of electricity and fuel also contributes to costly goods on supermarket shelves.

On his Facebook page, the opposition leader also noted that over the last year, Saint Lucia has become known regionally for having the highest price per gallon for fuel in the Eastern Caribbean.

“Can you imagine that when the price of oil on the world market was US$120 a barrel, we in Saint Lucia paid EC$13.85 a gallon? Today, at just over US$70 a barrel, we are paying a staggering EC$17 a gallon. How is that putting you first?” Chastanet declared.

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