Chrisean Rock Calls Blueface A ‘Demon’, Responds To Secret DNA Test

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Chrisean Rock and Blueface have resurrected their old beef as the rapper claimed that he was able to take DNA samples for testing from the baby, and the result shows that he’s not the father.

On Saturday morning, Blueface claimed that he is not the biological father of Chrisean Jr. after he took the child out of Rock’s house at 4 AM after he found out she was out with her boyfriend, K Suave.

Chrisean Rock and Blueface were broken up, but she claimed that they were still sleeping together despite him being engaged to Jaidyn Alexis. It now appears that both women met up and exchanged their secrets and have left Blueface.

In responding to his claims that he is not the father of Chrisean Jr, Rock claimed that while they do have a DNA test, which was done in utero when she was pregnant, she deliberately ensured that Blueface is not on the child’s birth certificate as the father because she predicted his behavior.

“What do you want from me, bro? The baby is gonna be wherever I go. He’s gonna be protected, he’s gonna be safe, he’s gonna be with his mom you know why?” she said, explaining that she had expected Blueface to act weird in the way he did when he took her child out of his bed at 4 AM.

She continued, “He really a f*king weirdo. So now I got all my control though, that’s why I had my baby in Baltimore, that’s why I don’t put him on no birth certificate, so steal my baby again, respectfully it’s not your child because why? where’s the proof? And in spite of that DNA test we took on our TV show, yeah we have proof, we know this is your kid but he doing so much damage I had to make sure he is not on the birth certificate, I had to make sure I was in control of the situation.”

Blueface had previously claimed that Rock did not invite him to the birth of the child. The baby is just around six weeks old and has been living with Rock at her own house in Los Angeles with her sister, nieces, and nephews.

Rock also claimed that Blueface was attempting to use the child to control her, but she seemingly threatened to take legal action against Blueface if he “stole” the child again.

Chrisean Rock also shared a video on X of herself driving home in the early morning after learning that Blueface had took her son from her babysitter. According to Rock, the Los Angeles rapper was drunk when he turned up to

“Part 1 I’m pushing 160 on the high way to get to my son Chrisean Jr. Blueface at penthouse drunk 4 am in the morning blowing up my phone to get pu*** he go get my baby out of spite cuz I’m with k suave at the studio putting a verse on cloud 9 remix marsh lives with me so they at home while blue breaking in the crib to steal my child to get me to him so he can slap tf out of me for being with k suave,” Rock explains.

“Marsh continues to not leave the baby side because I still don’t know where he’s taking my child !Who want part 2pf the video I have receipts of the whole night remind you my baby got no clothes on wen he took my son then he drunk driving crashing in shit lord pls protect us from this demon Blueface you are a demon!”