Chrisean Rock Pops Out With Rapper K Suave, Blueface Respond

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Chrisean Rock has ditched Lil Mabu and is now on the next as she popped out with a new man, K Suave, and Blueface has something to say about it.

On Saturday, just hours after her episode with Cameron Newton aired with Rock claiming that she was seeing someone new, she popped out with a new man. Rock posted several videos online of her and K Suave hanging out in his car.

K Suave posted himself on Instagram Live rapping to D Savage’s song “How Does It Feel” while out with Rock. The pair appeared to be out with others and were seen driving out. In the video, Rock is seen playing with the rapper’s hair and his ear. He later turns the phone camera on her, and Rock is seen ducking and hiding before eventually coming into the frame.

The first video showed Rock wearing a burnt orange colored hoodie, and she later posted a second video, this time wearing a blue and white hoodie.

While the video was focused on her, she ensured that it was clear that K Suave was next to her. She has not confirmed or denied if K Suave is the person she is “talking” to, as disclosed to Newton on his podcast. On there, Rock said she and the person she is talking to have yet to go on a real first date, but they’ve been hanging out, chilling, cuddling, and praying together.

As for Blueface, his jealous streak was hard to miss as he seemingly dissed Rock and her new man on Twitter. “If you want stars ona roof gotta get that Rolls Royce don’t be cheap,” he said, mocking K Suave’s car.

Chrisean Rock’s fans, however, dragged him on Twitter as they mentioned that he chose to be with his girlfriend, Jaidyn Alexis, to whom he got engaged earlier this month. Blueface later denied that he was shading Rock in another tweet.

“I could tweet the sky is blue y’all gone be like oh he only saying that to throw shade like no bitch the sky is literally blue,” he wrote on Twitter.

Chrisean Rock has not addressed Blue, but many also believe that she was trying to make Blueface jealous.

In the meantime, it seems that Blueface’s mother, Karlissa Saffold, doesn’t mind Rock moving on.

“Well, he got them big hands. Take it slow Rock. Got watch my interview to avoid mistakes you will regret later,” she posted in a comment on Instagram.