Chrisean Rock Stunned Fans With New Blueface Face Tattoo

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Chrisean Rock has debuted a new cheek tattoo of her baby father Blueface as she renews her obsession with the rapper.

Blueface is currently in jail, and Chrisean has re-dedicated herself to him after breaking up with rising rapper K Suave. Last week, Rock revealed that she gave up the house she was renting and has moved back into Blueface’s house.

The rapper’s ex-fiancee, Jaidyn Alexis, appears to be done dating Blueface, as she was spotted with her same-sex partner earlier this month. While Jaidyn seems to have moved on, Blueface confessed that he loved her and couldn’t wait to see her when he came from jail.

The rapper’s release date is set for early February. He’s presently incarcerated for breaching his terms of probation after he was seen on video fighting with Rock after allegedly “kidnapping” his son Chrisean Jr.

Despite the ongoing drama and Chrisean’s vowing to be done with Blueface, even going as far as removing the tattoo of his face from her neck, she appears to be as committed as ever to the rapper.

On Sunday, she revealed a blueprint of a tattoo of Blueface’s image on her right-hand side cheek. Rock smiles as she turns for the camera to catch the full view of the tattoo. “#freeblueface free my Daddy I love you papa @bluefasebabyy,” Chrisean wrote.

In the meantime, fans of Rock condemned her latest tattoo and called her out for being a hopeless cause. “She needs help an serious prayer smh that poor baby she carry in the worl gonna ofto deal with this mental issue,” one person commented. “Dummy Of The Year” award goes to Rock!” another person said.

Other fans also think the tattoo was fake. “Naw, yal know she post her whole life so she woulda def went live while getting tatted if it was real! And her face would have some swelling, so I don’t think is real, it’s just for likes & views!” one wrote.

Another added, “Now Y’all should know better. This girl is way too addicted to Clout and will do Anything for it, so I’m almost sure she woulda went live while getting Tatted, let’s be fareal… just like she go live for everything else in her life, so don’t believe the hype, plus she super light skin and her face ain’t even swollen or red at all!”

Chrisean Rock and Blueface brokeup last September after she gave birth to her son, Chrisean Jr. The baby’s paternity is still a subject of confusion with the two artists suggesting Blueface might not be the baby’s real father.