Chrisean Rock Sued, Charged For Assaulting Tamar Braxton’s Backup Singer

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Tamar Braxton’s backup singer James Wright has filed a claim against Chrisean Rock, who reportedly smashed her fist into his face back in November (2023), causing him injuries to his face, nose, and teeth.

Chrisean Rock has denied hitting Wright, and his daughter also went live on social media with Rock to support her claim that he was not injured.

On Wednesday, TMZ revealed what appears to be a claim filed by Wright against Rock at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in California. The lawsuit was filed on February 6th for intentional bodily injury, property damage, and wrongful death (eg battery, vandalism, etc).

Wright claimed he had reported the matter to the police after it happened, but Rock was not arrested.

Chrisean Rock

Another of Tamar’s tour staff first raised details about the incident, revealing that Rock got angry because she was not allowed to perform despite Tamar telling her to attend the event in her hometown in Baltimore.

After months of denial and Rock claiming that Tamar Braxton and her backup singer were seeking clout off of her, Tamar revealed a video showing Wright bleeding in January.

“Is that the hit that we made up? Now James is my best friend, and I would never do him [like that] look at my baby lip. At this point, it has gotten above and beyond out of control. Nobody is lying on nobody, nobody want no clout over nobody, that was the legendary Toni Braxton,” she said.

As for Rock, she has not reacted to the lawsuit yet.

Her last post on Twitter indicated that she was preparing to go on vacation the same day the lawsuit was filed.

“Vacation is more my speed thank God I can wake up n fly anywhere,” she wrote on Twitter.

Rock has been losing thousands of followers on Instagram for her continued relationship with Blueface. After debuting a new face tattoo and declaring that she was back with Blueface, who is in jail, about 400,000 people on Instagram stopped following her.

On Snapchat, where Rock has now shifted her social media presence, the reality star appeared to be crying while asking, “What the f**k is going on?” She claimed to be crying about her life and things happening around her.