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PHILIPSBURG — In a surprise move, informateurs Dr. Nilda Arduin and Drs. Candida Joseph have selected community stakeholders “to gather an overall view on the elections and the formation of the next government.”

In a press statement, the informateurs encourage the board of selected civic organizations and government-owned companies to monitor their emails, “to avoid missing the opportunity to share their considerations with the informateurs post-elections.”

Arduin and Joseph ask selected organizations “to thoroughly review an answer questions they provided with the input of their membership and/or associates.”

In a letter to the leaders of the political parties that won seats in the January 11 elections, the informateurs pose fifteen questions. Party-leaders are asked to indicate which combination of parties they consider as the most viable coalition for a stable government. They can also indicate whom they consider the most likely candidate for the post of prime minister and the three most important issues that would be a breaking point for cooperation on the executive level.

The informateurs furthermore ask the party-leaders to list the five top priorities for the upcoming governing period and five topics that should absolutely be a part of a governing accord.

The Electoral Council has in the meantime issued a reminder to political parties that they have to submit a register of donations they received in 2023 – in cash, by check or in kind. Individual candidates must also submit a register of donations they received from the moment they became a candidate for a political party.

Parties and candidates are obliged to follow the law in this respect, the Council points out: “Non-compliance with or violation of the national ordinance on registration and finances of political parties is subject to penalty.”

One major donation has already become public. Businessman Olivier Arrindell has announced on social media that he supported the campaign of Kevin Maingrette, who finished second on the NOW-list with 248 votes, with a donation in kind of over $85,000 US Dollars.


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