Pardison Fontaine Will Not Pay Jada Kingdom Bills Unless They Live Together

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Pardison Fontaine is all about being a provider, but he’s not about to splurge on women living outside of his household. The boyfriend of Jamaican artist Jada Kingdom and ex-boyfriend of Megan Thee Stallion sure understands dating baddies, and no doubt those baddies come with bills.

However, the singer/ songwriter says he’s only interested in paying the bills if his woman lives with him. While on the Travis Mills Show on Apple Music, Pardi spoke about men suffering because of women’s lack of accountability while they invest heavily in their relationships.

“Fellas, it’s bleak. The accountability is still very low. That’s the thing about us, men: we are not the breaker-uppers… we are the investors in the relationship; we are pouring it in. I’ve selected this one, smart girl. She gets on my nerves sometimes, but we will stay through a lot of agony; we will,” he said.

The “Thee Person” rapper also spoke about his mindset when it comes to relationships, noting that he often uses his past experiences to help his future relationships so he can “be a better person.”

As for the dynamics in a relationship, Pardison Fontaine is unmoved. He says he understands his role as a man and ensures that his partner’s needs are taken care of when she is with him- this includes relieving any financial burden on her.

“If you live with me, the bills are paid here. I’m not paying for you to live separately from me. I like you here,” he said.

Pardi has been with Jada Kingdom since September 2023. The couple first debuted their relationship at New York Fashion Week. Although they spend a lot of time together, it seems that Jada lives with her hairstylist in Miami, while Pardi reportedly lives in California.

That may, however, change, though, as fans speculate that Jada could be pregnant with his child. The couple has not confirmed or denied the rumors.