Police Mounted Branch and Canine Section to reintroduce Park Patrols

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Police Mounted Branch and Canine Section

Deputy Commissioner of Operations Mr. Ravindradat Budhram today announced that the Guyana Police Force will be re-introducing Park Patrols around Georgetown by utilising the resources of its Mounted Branch and Canine Section.

The initiative is aimed at using the Force’s Mounted Branch and Canine (K-9) Unit at its maximum capacity so as to enhance public safety.

He charged the ranks to keep fit and equip themselves throughout the various courses and training programmes provided by the GPF.

The Mounted Branch and K-9 Section were formed in the 1900s and played a crucial role at that time.

Some reasons for the formation of the branch were to maintain order in the streets, for presidential escorts and crowd control during protests, strikes, shows, crime fighting, detection of explosives, retrieving of illegal arms and ammunition, illegal drugs, contraband and apprehension of perpetrators, etc.

Meanwhile, Budhram also met with the Officer-in-Charge of Mounted and Canine Section Deputy Superintendent Rockwell Delph, Second-in-Charge Assistant Superintendent Devon Gordon, Administrative Officer Inspector Carl Saul along with all other ranks of the Department at the Police Sports Ground.

All the ranks were urged to maintain discipline during discussion and be of service to the citizens of Guyana and strive at all times to making it a safer place for all.