Rick Ross Girlfriend Cristina Mackey Shade Pretty Vee & Tia Kemp

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Rick Ross’ baby mother, Tia Kemp, is not here for his latest girlfriend, Cristina Mackey’s cooking as she mocked her taco meal, which she revealed this week.

Cristina Mackey shared a cute video of herself making Rick Ross tacos, which he immediately gobbled up. However, Kemp suggested that Mackey’s skills were lacking, and she needed to learn how to make more fulfilling meals for her man.

While on Instagram Live, Kemp was unapologetic as she responded to Mackey.

“If I say a b**ch can’t make a taco, b***ch you can’t make a taco. I’m telling y’all what she worth. What that h*e worth y’all?…a dollar, she ain’t got a f**king sense, she worth a dollar, n***a know he worth a dollar too,” Kemp asked. Tia Kemp also brought out her cookbook, which she recommended for Mackey. “How you can’t make [spaghetti] or [taco] h*e,” she said.

Kemp was mocking Mackey’s video posted earlier that Rick Ross “demanded” a taco bar. In the video, she is seen taking a plate to Rick Ross, who takes a bite of a taco.

“Tell me something,” she asked him. Ross is non-verbal, and she walks away and says, “Yeah, you’re welcome.”

Cristina Mackey also had a scathing reply for Kemp, who she shaded for being in her 40s and preoccupied with her.

“It’s social media, it’s everybody’s business. If you mind your business, I can mind my business. Whatever I post doesn’t mean you get to dig deep into what I say. If I say this is my person, this is my person. And if I want to post my person, Imma post my person, right?” she asked.

She continued, “You just moved [in] with a man? Why wouldn’t you just move in with a man? If you lived with your man, you wouldn’t be on my page on a fake account at 40-something years old. You would just be minding your business cause it’s the same person making the fake accounts. But I wish love on you, and I wish happiness for you too cause when things are good, you make it work. You pick up and you move. I don’t got no kids, I’m not anybody’s baby mother, I’m single, I’m young,” she said.

On the Cali Kickback Podcast, Mackey also seemingly shaded Rick Ross’ ex-girlfriend, comedian Pretty Vee.

Mackey debuted her relationship with Ross last month, shocking fans who felt he was with Pretty Vee. The comedian’s influence on Rick Ross was also pronounced as he was speaking patois and adopting her Jamaican culture.

When asked how she felt about people asking about Vee, Mackey compares her relationship with the “Hustlin’” rapper versus him, never showing off Vee.

“It doesn’t make me feel any way at all. I think it’s funny. It’s levels to everything, and that was never this,” she said.

She added, “Whatever they had, it’s not what we have. Simple. Because no disrespect to anybody, but whatever y’all think they had, it’s not what we for sure have. So, I’m not worried about it too,” she said.

When asked if they went public, she continued, “Where’s the pictures of them holding hands and them kissing and them on the jet together and them in Dubai and her on a boat? Where’s the flowers, where’s all that? While we’re on the topic, show me where he did that with anybody?” she asked.

Mackey also insinuated that she was unique to Ross as he hasn’t publicly shown his love and affection for any other woman he’s dated except her.

In the meantime, she also claimed in her Instagram live video addressing Kemp that she was not shading any of Ross’s exes.

“In the interview, I just did with Cali Kickback, I want to be clear: I’m not shading any women he’s ever talked to. You guys are all beautiful; we all are. That’s why he probably picked you right, but that’s just not what we’re doing anymore, and the fact that I am confident about my relationship. It disturbs some of y’all, says a lot of what y’all going on in your life cause when you hear a woman speaking confidently about her man, you should just believe her. You should feel disrupted or disturbed or feel like ‘don’t be so confident’ like why you hating? That’s weird. We’re enjoying each other; that’s my man,” she said.

Rick Ross has not confirmed or denied his relationship with Mackey, who seems to be living with him now.