T.I. Confronts Club Promoter For Using Son King To Promote Event

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

T.I. pulled up on a club promoter who used his and his son, King Harris’, names on a flyer to promote their event.

Atlanta Rapper had strong words for an unscrupulous promoter who used his and his son King’s name and likeness to promote a party on Wednesday night. Both T.I. and his son are trending right now, given the incident at the Falcons game on Sunday, where the “Live Your Life” rapper and his son nearly got into an altercation about his upbringing.

T.I. and King Harris have since made up and addressed his son’s claim that he grew up outside of the wealth of his famous family. However, his father has disputed that his son struggled growing up and that he was raised by his grandmother Diane Cottle but rather that King loved being at his granny’s house, would cry every day, and wanted to go to her home every weekend.

Since then, the rapper has ensured that everyone knows he and his son are not beefing and that outsiders do not capitalize on their differences. A video has emerged showing the rapper showing up to the venue and calling out the promoter for using him and King in a false advertisement announcing their attendance and suggesting that the rappers would be performing.

“N**ga ain’t nothing going, no money, no beers, no partying, no sections, Ain’t nothing happening,” T.I. said. He continued, “You put me and mine on a muthaf**king flyer, N***ga give me everything and if you can’t don’t play with me, the rapper said.

The rapper is seen outside shouting at persons inside the club while a bouncer blocks him from entering.

In a later update, it seems that the promoter for Elleven posted a new flyer showing T.I. and King as special guests.

The event reportedly took place on November 29th. T.I. has not commented on the video that has since gone viral.

T.I. and King Harris have been in the headlines for more than one reason in the past. Last month, King revealed in an interview that their reality show, T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, paints an inaccurate picture of the family’s real life. The young Harris says he has been living with his grandmother since childhood despite the show portraying him living with his parents in their mansion.

In the meantime, T.I. has been using a portion of his wealth and time to build affordable housing for low-income families in the community he grew up in the Center Hill neighborhood of Atlanta.