Offset Laughs At Soheem Perry Claims He Can’t Headline Tour After DM Spat

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Offset certainly doesn’t agree with Soheem Perry that he isn’t big enough to headline his own tour. It seems the former Migos rapper got wind of what the artist said about him and found the time to hit him up in the DMs, where he called Perry a “h*e.”

After is arguably the most dominant of the three Migos members currently following the success of his second solo album, Set It Off, released in October last year. The project debut at No. 5 on the Billboard 200 chart after selling 70,000 album-equivalent units in the first week, with 25,000 copies being pure album sales.

The project also received rave reviews from critics and fans alike, with some fan-favorite singles like “Worth It” featuring Don Toliver bubbling on the charts. While Offset has certainly made a name for himself in rap and cemented his place as a mainstream rapper, some folks like Soheem Perry think he is still not at that level to headline his own stadium tour.

“So just to address the Offset sh*t real quick I said he couldn’t headline a tour by himself & he DM’d me that I was a hoe. We don’t even use lingo like that no more bro,” Soheem wrote on his Instagram Story, revealing that Offset slide in his DM to chew him out over his initial comment. “I actually had respect for ya’ll as a group I still feel like Migos was the biggest group of this generation but my respect level specifically for him is gone. Outta all the comments that he could have responded to he goes to mines when all I did was provide constructive criticism.”

Perry also shared screenshots of the exchange between himself and the Atlanta rapper. In one message, Set wrote, “U hating h*e.” Perry asked him how was he hating and told him to unpack it. The Neighborhood Talk posted the screenshots on IG, and Offset responded in the comments with some laughing emojis. It’s evident that the former Migos rapper felt slighted by Perry’s initial comment and knew he was being petty by hitting him up in the DMs.

Soheem Perry also shared a follow-up comment stating, “I gave my opinion in some comments on app , I stand on what I said, he exposin his insecurities to the world, he should have that same energy to try & go get his family back. And stop trynna beef with strangers.”

Soheem Perry is a rising rapper best known for songs like “Medicaid,” “7th Layer,” “Candy Man,” and” “Neck Talk.”